The Airfoil Investigation Database site has a few tools that we found useful for the development and creation of RC aircraft. It is a collection of airfoils in a searchable database with some relatively simple visualization and measurement capabilities included.

Note, it is not intended to be the complete guide to airfoils and, of course, we can't be responsible if you build a plane based on the data or tools here and it doesn't fly...

Browse & Search

The Browse area is where you can browse through the various airfoils in the database. There are several quick search links to query the database in "canned" ways, but it is meant to be a simple, quick interface.

On the Search page you have a more advanced searching capability. There is more detailed information displayed and you can search by many different airfoil characteristics.


If you have specific airfoils in mind, or you have found ones of interest through the search, you can compare them in the Compare section. There you will find a selection form where you can choose the airfoils.

The pages generated in that section include comparison plots, tabluar parameter comparisons, and polar plots.


Most of the data on this site, both in the database and in the various plots, is generated automatically via off-line algorithms. The About describes the algorithms used to generate the data as well as giving links to the various tools used on the site.


Once you have the desired airfoils chosen, you can generate wing rib templates in the Templates section. There you can specify the root and tip foils as well as the number of intermediate ribs. The selected foils will be appropriately interpolated, scaled and displayed.